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Unlocking the Future of Media with AI - Join us to Lead the Change 

AI technologies progressed drastically in the last few years. Speech-to-text and face recognition are prime examples of use cases where AI-driven solutions that have existed for many years have now reached an acceptable level of maturity and commercial viability.

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NAB 2023 Sneak Peek: Elastic Ingest Workflows in the Cloud

One of the big challenges media professionals face today is the ability to scale the capture of multiple video feeds, for example during live events. Let’s face it, recording multiple video feeds simultaneously for one or more events is (very) hardware-intensive! Organizations often invest in enough equipment to support their peak usage. It’s a major…

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Hybrid Media Workflows: Cloud vs. On-premises – Why Not Both? 

Typical ways of working have changed dramatically over the past few years. Remote work and hybrid models have become far more prevalent, for obvious reasons. This has increased the need for home access and remote contributions across the media production and distribution supply chain. For many organizations, this has accelerated the transition to cloud-based media…

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Into the sky

The cloud is (finally) becoming the new norm for media companies. Customers are expecting vendors to offer service and platform options that are delivered using SaaS and subscription models. But not all vendors are fully in the cloud game just yet and for them, there is no way to quantum leap their products forward. Vendors…

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Dalet Flex for teams: Pro Tools for Smaller Creative Crews

Getting high-value content to audiences is not getting any easier. In a world where remote work is increasingly common, and media is consumed through dozens of different platforms, it can be hard to keep up! Large libraries can be spread across multiple locations, on-premises or in the cloud; and making sure the right content, in…

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Unleash Creativity with Dalet Flex and Adobe® Premiere® Pro

Sometimes, it’s hard to picture the end product when facing a library of media assets. Dalet is instrumental in making your production concepts a reality; and one way we do this is designing our products to integrate with other trusted, reliable tools. One such group of solutions Dalet works alongside seamlessly is Adobe’s creative product…

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Cloud vs on-premises - why not both? Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of our discussion around hybrid deployments – i.e. partially on-premises and partially in the cloud – for Media Workflow solutions. Here’s the first post, in case you missed it. We looked at both the benefits and technical trade-offs when transitioning to cloud-based solutions, and how a hybrid architecture may provide the…

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