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In countries that lack widespread broadband infrastructure, Migo provides media on demand for data- intensive digital products and services, including traditional OTT. Rather than a stream, it delivers data as a downloadable bundle that is managed entirely by Dalet Flex, a media logistics solution designed to manage, curate, and package content for OTT and multi-platform…

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wavve Americas

wavve Americas is a joint venture between the three major Korean Broadcast Networks – KBS, MBC, and SBS – that operates the cloud-based streaming platform KOCOWA, a premium customer experience for Korean TV fans all over the world.   To deliver the most premium experience and expand operations, wavve Americas leverages Dalet Flex. The Platform…

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As a non-profit, EnhanceTV curates the best of Broadcast TV to safely deliver the most relevant curriculum-linked videos to Australian Educational Institutions.   Challenge EnhanceTV, a subsidiary of the not-for-profit organisation Screenrights, is a subscription-based service providing educators with licensed television and film video content to use in the classroom. Screenrights wanted to build a…

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