Empowering media-rich organizations to transform their production and distribution workflows


Designed with agility, mobility and flexibility in mind, Dalet’s products will help you deliver compelling content

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Dalet Flex
Media Workflow Solutions

​Produce, manage, curate, orchestrate, deliver, and monetize your content.

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Dalet Pyramid
Unified News Operations

Augment your newsroom. Create, anywhere, together.

Complementary Tools

Benefit from the wider Dalet ecosystem with these complementary tools

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Dalet AmberFin

Trusted media conversion, wherever you need it

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Dalet Brio

High-density platform to ingest and playout your media

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Dalet InStream

Elastic cloud ingest

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Dalet Cut

Web-based, multiformat media editor

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Dalet CubeNG

Increase viewer engagement with impactful graphics

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Dalet Media Cortex

Augment your media with Artificial Intelligence

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Dalet Xtend

Bring creatives within the production workflow

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Dalet API

Seamless and secure integration with third-party systems


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