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Agile Workflows | Supply Chain

Mastering the Modern Media Supply Chain

An efficient, intelligent Media Supply Chain is the differentiator between success and failure in today’s dynamic media landscape. This paper will discuss how you can transform your operation from chaos to intelligence.

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Archives & Monetization | Dalet Flex

Unlocking the Value of Your Archives

A well-implemented Intelligent Content Library helps content owners maximize the value of their archived assets.

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Dalet Flex | Video Asset Management

How Efficient Video Asset Management Enables Growth

An ever growing demand for high-quality, multimedia content calls for efficient video and media asset management strategies

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Dalet Flex | Sports Content Production

Turning a Fan Base into a Community

Increase mobile fan engagement with sports multimedia content production that’s scalable across distributed platforms

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Dalet Pyramid | News Production

News from the Cloud

An analysis on how the COVID-19 pandemic radically changed newsrooms and their workflows and how you can optimize your digital newsroom to adapt to those changes

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Dalet Flex | Supply Chain

Return on Investment

How to get your money’s worth when investing in media technology by leveraging Intelligent Agents that help increase productivity in the Supply Chain

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Media Logistics | Remote Workflows

What is Media Logistics for Production?

How to save money, time and resources on episodic production, while working with distributed teams

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Agile Workflows | Build vs Buy | Dalet Flex

Buy or Build Your Media Workflow Solution?

Here's how to make the best build vs buy software decision!

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IMF | Multiplatform Distribution | Versioning

How IMF Can Benefit a Facility Where Versions Matter

Achieve at least 25% budget savings and get maximum revenues by using IMF-enabled workflows

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AI | Machine Learning | Smart Captioning

8 Traps to Avoid Before Starting your AI Project

AI promises immediate benefits to media workflows, but do you have the right playbook?

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Brands & Corporations | Dalet Flex | Video

How High is Corporate Video on Your Agenda?

Discover how your brand can leverage the new video wave productively and profitably

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Fake News | News Production

A Brave New Approach to Planning News

An Extreme Case Study for Cloud and AI Enablement

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Audience Experience | News Production

Future-proof your News: Shift, Engage, Transform

Trying to be better, faster or slower, targeted or broad, cooler, more inclusive... everywhere - or all of the above!

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The Power of FIMS - Universal Plug-and-Play Solutions

Learn more about FIMS, the Framework for Interoperable Media Services