Multimedia Editing

A comprehensive and collaborative editing experience to fit any workflow and editor’s needs

Versatile toolset

Dedicated to sports, news, program preparation, archiving and radio workflows

Dalet editing tools foster collaboration and seamlessly integrate within existing environments.
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    Web-based UI
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    Shot selection
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    Advanced editing

Ready for convergence

Dalet editing solutions manage video, as well as audio and text editing

All types of applications are covered, including fast highlight creations, quick trimming as well as true timeline editing operations in SD, HD, and UHD.
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    Meet your editing needs
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    Remote editing features
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    Fast and efficient

A tool for every need

From Shot Selection & Storyboarding with Dalet WebSpace, to fast-Paced multimedia editing with Dalet OneCut

Dalet Webspace features a powerful story-boarder for cut editing anywhere with a web-browser. Dalet OneCut desktop editor offers fast-paced multimedia editing with many transitions and effects.
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    Edit anywhere
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    Collaborative tools
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    Easy to use

3rd-Party NLE Integration

Dalet Xtend brings 3rd-party NLEs such as Adobe Premiere Pro and Avid MediaComposer within the production workflow

Features such as “edit while record” or “edit proxies” speed up live-to-air operations while full interoperability with major post-production systems streamlines workflows.
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    Find content quickly
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    Customize your views

Dalet's Solutions for Multimedia Editing

Complementary Tools

Leverage the wider Dalet ecosystem

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Dalet OneCut

Fast-paced, intuitive and collaborative multimedia editor designed for convergence

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Dalet Xtend

Bring creatives within the production workflow

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Dalet Pyramid

Reimagine modern storytelling and deliver meaningful stories

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Dalet Flex

Less work, more flow. Transform your digital distribution.

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Dalet Galaxy five

Meet the industry-leading Media Workflow Platform

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Dalet Galaxy xCloud

Empowering content creators to access familiar production tools anywhere


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