Dalet Remote Editing

Collaborate and break news faster and better wherever you are with Dalet Remote Editing!

Edit anywhere

Enabling field and remote users to edit, assemble, collaborate and quickly submit packages

Download high-resolution media to finalize locally even in low-bandwidth situations.
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    High-quality experience
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    Access remote content
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    Secure & reliable

Reduce time to audience

Unmitigated access to content located at the central hub and accelerated media exchange are paramount for success!

Media organizations in fast-paced production markets like news, sports, and reality TV, often have extensive in-the-field production needs. Meet your deadlines with Dalet Remote Editing solutions.
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    Fully-featured editing
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    High-performance editing
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    Scalable framework

Remote access, fast!

Securely connect your team - journalists, producers, editors and other content creators - to the central content hub!

Dalet Remote Editing leverages the AWS infrastructure and Dalet smart-caching technology to eliminate problematic security, latency and other roadblocks that usually limit remote productions.
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    Richer stories
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    Unified production
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    Enhanced collaboration

Maximize resources

Centralize all content and resources in the main hub without compromising on local presence

Dalet's Remote Editing framework provides a gateway to optimize content sharing across multiple locations without requiring the deployment of a MAM or PAM beyond the central hub.
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    Support remote bureaus
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    Extend to partners
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Use Cases


Sports Journalist

Clara is a journalist covering football and tennis for a regional sports broadcaster. she makes the most of the Dalet Remote Editing framework while she’s on the go, covering games or interviewing players. she’s able to submit her work much faster and provide fans with the latest information right when they want it.


Media Manager

Danny is a multimedia manager at a national broadcaster. Thanks to Dalet Remote Editing, he receives content from remote teams and external contributors in real time without any technical hiccups. He can then index, enrich, and share all the content with everyone in the organization.


Head of Technology

Denzel is heading technology for a leading media organization. He selected the Dalet Remote Editing framework to give external contributors such as freelancers access to the main content hub resources from anywhere for a given period, without the need for VPN. A scalable and easy-to-deploy service, Dalet Remote Editing eliminates security issues.

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